Women Active for Christ

Why Women Active for Christ?



The purpose of Women Active for Christ is to provide opportunities for women to understand and fulfill the Great Commission through their responsibilities in the family, in the church, in the community and around the world. Satan seeks to destroy our families.  He doesn’t want us to have strong churches where the Bible is taught and preached.  Satan wants our communities to be filled with crime and violence and he doesn’t want the unreached around the world to hear about Jesus. We encourage you to serve on the local level or at all levels; local, district, state and national.  Whether God has made you a prayer warrior, a bold witness, a giver of monthly support to missionaries, or someone who takes out the trash, do it well and for His glory!

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For more information, contact Jonda Patton at jbpatton@bellsouth.net

We have been given an unbelievable opportunity to help build Christ’s Church all over the world.  We have an important place in building His kingdom. How many times have we heard; there is strength in numbers?  Working together, we truly can and do make a difference!